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Thanks to the thirty-years’ experience of Idealservice, I. Blu was born from the need to develop and optimize new industrial processes for the recycling of plastic materials.

Experience and innovation make I. Blu a leader in the market.

I. Blu is able to recover and select over 270,000 tons of plastic packaging annually, and its production plant in Costa di Rovigo recycles 40,000 tons per year of the most complex fraction (soft packaging) for the production of Blupolymer.


ISO 9001 IT19/0656.00

ISO 45001 IT19/0659

ISO 4001 IT19/0655.00

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Company with a Quality, Safety and Environment integrated management system certified by SGS ITALIA.

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Blupolymer is polyolefins blend obtained by an agglomeration and/or extrusion process.

The main components are polyethylene and polypropylene.


Blupolymer is certified Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastic Second Life) - from separate collection, the environmental certification that identifies products obtained from the recycling of post-consumer plastics.


I. Blu is also certified by EuCertPlast, the certification for post-consumer plastic European recyclers, which attests to the quality of processes and products.


Blupolymer Granule complies with the UNI 10667-1 and UNI 10667-16 (R-POMIX) standards and can be supplied in different types:

  • Granule in the Blupolymer L or Blupolymer ST versions 
  • Densified in the Blue AG version




Bluair is a mixture of densified plastics and other materials, used in steelmaking processes as a secondary reducing agent, in partial replacement of fossil sources.

Its use offers:

  • Savings in procurement costs
  • Reduced polluting emissions into the atmosphere
  • The replacement of traditional fossil-based materials with a lower environmental impact


Construction products
Injection Moulding
Iron and steel industry


Blupolymer can be supplied in different types: Blupolymer Granule, Blupolymer AG and Bluair.

Blupolymer Granule ST - Technical Data Sheet

Blupolymer Granule L - Technical Data Sheet

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