Polyolefin blend for polymer modified bitumen membrane, road pavement, extrusion and injection moulding

Ideal plastic systemBlupolymer is an extruded polyolefin blend

Its applications are:

Waterproof membrane
In granular form or agglomerate form as a bitumen modifier for the production of APP or SBS membrane

Road asphalt
In granular form as additive for the production of Polymer Modified Asphalt

Injection moulding
In granular form for the production of pallet, pots, pails, outdoor facilities

In granular or agglomerate form for the production of boards, wpc, plastic lumber

S.R.A. (Secondary Reduction Agent)
As an S.R.A. it may be used in blast furnaces as a reducing agent in the oxidation reactions of iron minerals

Blupolymer is certified ippr-logo-small
Blupolymer is a line of

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